Testimonials from CHINA ACCESS 2008 delegates

“China Access 2008 has become a critical component of the BioMelbourne Network’s business facilitation services in China.  The visit program in Beijing provided our members with a current and in-depth briefing on industry developments in China that prepared them for business meetings in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.  Importantly, the program also provided access to senior business and government contacts in Beijing as well as North America, Australia, the UK and Europe.  We finished the week with over $170m of business deals.” Tim Murphy, Executive Director, BioMelbourne Network, Australia


“China Access 2008 is the definitive entree program for anyone who needs to fast-track doing business effectively in China.  The program delivers the most current information about what’s changing in China and focuses on best practices to achieve one’s business objectives.  Most importantly, China Access 2008 offers access to a savvy network of professionals who know how to best operate in this enormously complex and rapidly evolving economy.  Sign up for the next scheduled program and see for yourself!” Hal Josephson, President, MediaSense Inc., USA 

“China Access 2008 was great for getting us into Beijing, which is a huge market. When I went to the China Access 2008 sessions it really got me thinking about looking at China more widely.  I had not thought about Beijing before and now we have an alliance there that will help us build a major vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution capability in China.” Chris Savoie, Chairman, CEO and Founder, GNI, Japan

“It was clear to me that China had a large economy that was growing at a rapid pace.  How could I learn about the necessary building blocks to establish a presence there, align our business with key sectors that were important to the government, and gain business insights from both local and international experts on issues affecting businesses in China? China Access 2008 was the ideal vehicle.  We achieved all our objectives from attending their program in Beijing and now have a presence in China!  Practical insights and key learning dished out by top-notch professionals really created a superb environment.  And the relationships and networks we developed from the program have now evolved further and are extremely helpful for our Chinese operation. The China Access 2008 Program is highly recommended for any business executives gearing up to enter China.” Rashid Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, Optima Health Solutions Incorporated, Canada

"If anybody anywhere is thinking about investing in China in any way they cannot afford to miss attending a China Access business visit program. it gave me the knowledge and power to enter a very dangerous business environment with confidence." Neall Ryon, President, Stratex Limited, Canada

"The China Access program was the perfect vehicle to jumpstart the educational process about China and provided an outstanding network of valuable contacts. It's a 5+ Star Program!" Robyn Levin, President, Levin Marketing Group, USA

Testimonials from INVESTMENT 2000 delegates

“The Investment 2000 business visit program is comprehensive and inviting.  The uniqueness of the program is further enhanced by the allocation of relationship directors to each participant who integrate planning efforts and harness the resources of both the private and public sectors.  I have no hesitation in recommending the program to other executives.  For once, I feel that the image of Australia is an attractive target for capital investment was presented in succinct and unequivocal terms.” Hin Hiong Khoo, Director, Softgen International,Singapore

“The Investment 2000 visit was the best business program I have attended in my entire career.  Within a month of the visit we had established a presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.” Charles Smith, Director, election.com, USA

“Investment 2000 played an important role in helping Global Switch establish its first Australian telehouse in Sydney.  Without their substantial and practical assistance our determination to proceed with this A$200m project would – at the very least – have been significantly more difficult for the company.” Steve Armitage, Director – Business Development Asia Pacific, Global Switch, USA

“The Investment 2000 presentation has given me a new dimension to Australia’s role as a gateway to investment in Asia.  The speakers’ deep and intimate knowledge and understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural landscape of Asia make the presentation invaluable to those who have a keen interest in the region." Boon Yoon Chiang, Chairman, Jardine Matheson Group of Companies, Singapore

“Investment 2000 has done an outstanding job in presenting Asia, both from a macro and micro perspective.  The combination of quality speakers and a receptive audience certainly touched the right nerves in Amsterdam.  I would strongly recommend the Investment 2000 team to key decision-makers both with Asia and Australia’s growing role within it.” Robert G Nieuwenhuijs, Senior Vice President, ABN Amro Bank, The Netherlands
“The Investment 2000 program content was substantive and comprehensive.  Professionally organized and well-delivered, the program offered a refreshingly honest and candid overview of the benefits of investing in Australia.  It enabled me to make an informed and confident decision to invest in Australia. And the networking opportunity it presents is substantial.  For any executive considering investment in this region, the Investment 2000 program is not to be missed.  I recommend it wholeheartedly." Russ Supplee, Principal, UltraGroup, USA

“When I joined the Investment 2000 program in Australia, what I found was totally different to what I expected.  I was very impressed.  Australia became our number one choice for an Asian location.” Pat Custer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, uniView Technologies, USA

“I really valued the insights I gained into Australia as an investment location and the networking with senior decision makers.  A job well done…Investment 2000 left a very positive impression.” Tan Swee Leong, Senior Vice President, Transpac Capital Pte Ltd, Singapore

“I am terribly impressed by the organizational ability of Investment 2000.  They really enabled us to connect with some very important people in Australia and, more importantly, have given us the kind of future indication of what is possible for our business.” Paul Southworth, Chief Executive Officer, Tamarind International Holdings Ltd, UK
“The team from Investment 2000 gave the clearest explanation I have heard of the dynamics of the Asian economies and their future prospects.  The role of Australia and of the United States on opposite edges of the Pacific Rim became encouragingly clear.” Herbert Klein, Editor-in-Chief, Copley Newspapers, USA

“The Investment 2000 Visit Program opened my eyes to new possibilities – the Australia I thought I knew turned out to be much more interesting from a business point of view than I expected.  As a result the prospect of investing in Australia jumped to a top item on my list.” Thomas Zilliacus, Executive Chairman, Asia Pacific Strategic Alliances Group, Singapore

“Investment 2000 were particularly helpful in assisting eGain with our entry to Australia.  The introductions they made to service providers and a network of business peers gave us a real head start in getting our business up and running.” Richard Meiklejohn, Director for Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, eGain, USA

“The data-based and professional way the Investment 2000 team presents the case for Australia is impressive.  It stimulates interest in making Australia a more important part of a company’s regional strategy – even if you are already in the country in some way.” Mick Yates, Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific, Singapore