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Why Protests in Brazil Are a Good Thing


It is undeniable that the political situation in Brazil has been rocky of late, and this has acted as a deterrent for those interested in investing in the area. However, the strong demonstrative action is truly a positive step that is necessary to take place before an influx of business prospects and sports tourism in the area. These protests are not to be feared by the international community, but rather accepted, heard and dealt with, so that we can take advantage of the plentiful opportunities that Brazil has to offer.

The protests in Brazil have centred around government spending and focus on building new facilities for the Olympics and World Cup that are quickly nearing. This spending has resulted in a notable neglect for public services and a consequential hike in prices that has been passed on to the average consumer, including an increase in bus fares for a sub-par public transport system.  Even a fare increase by a few cents was enough to spark a movement to the streets, due to the fact that these problems have been lying and worsening beneath the surface. It can only be productive for these issues to be finally addressed by regional and federal government as a matter of the utmost importance, so that long-term, cultural change can be planned and implemented in order to dynamically shift the attitudes that sweep Brazil. It’s unfortunate that the Brazilian situation has had to reach such a state in order to make a significant difference and improve the quality of life for those residing in the urban and rural areas of the nation; but is preferable that there is such a vast opportunity for improvement.

With an inevitable influx of sporting tourism and business investment, the Brazilian economy can only grow and develop, to both improve the domestic issues that plague the government, but also to showcase Brazil as a viable option for partnerships in the trade of products and ideas. While an unstable political situation can lead to a hesitant waiting game, these protests should not intimidate those who view Brazil as the new, exciting emerging market that it is, but instead encourage economic investment in the area as a way to stay ahead of the trend with a nation that has a lot to offer.

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