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A New Player in the Healthcare Game

As medical technology develops as rapidly as diseases themselves, and healthcare becomes an issue of serious contention internationally and domestically, governments are playing a more significant role in the wellbeing of their citizens. According to a recent study, among the emerging market, Brazil is the second largest producer of medical technology, creating about $2.6 billion USD worth of machinery to be used in the international sphere, as well as within Brazilian borders. While this contribution is remarkable, the government’s role in regards to public healthcare is in desperate need of reform, which creates a gap for major international investment and a huge opportunity for those in the medical field to create and maintain meaningful business relationships within this unique emerging marketplace.

With a growing middle class of some 35 million, the demand for high quality healthcare services is placed in the front and centre of the attention of the population, resulting in the international community sitting up and listening, attempting to provide the necessary role that the government has been struggling with. With only 23% of Brazilians having some form of private health insurance and a widening gap for global pharmaceutical organisations to intervene and get involved in this new, exciting, emerging market in a truly meaningful way. The government’s system, while flawed, is fair; as it attempts to cater to even the most underprivileged citizens. However, this has made medical professionals overworked, hospitals overrun and free beds scarce. Approximately 70% of Brazil’s population receives healthcare through this system, but this has meant that the quality of this care has seriously deteriorated, but still stands as a remarkable example internationally regarding health as a human right.

While the healthcare system isn’t in an efficient example for the global community, the high regard for health as a concept and the dedication to creating and distributing new medical technology has placed it in a prime position for investment. As healthcare remains one of the huge problems that faces the world, exemplified in the recent government shutdown in the USA, Brazil is leaps and bounds ahead theoretically, but requires financial assistance and technological help in order to progress and continue to grow.

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    A New Player in the Healthcare Game - BLOG - Brazil Access
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    A New Player in the Healthcare Game - BLOG - Brazil Access

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